Information, Terms and Conditions for New and Current Clients.
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General Information

Bookings for 2022 are now open, we are not taking any new clients for the year 2021.

General Information
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New Clients

What is included in you web design package, costs, benefits, why I build hand-coded websites, and how to keep your website up to date.
I have also included information on how to move on if you so choose.

Inclusions, Benefits, Costs
Editing, Updating & Website Access
Moving On

Mutual Reponsibilities

What are you responsibilities as a business and website owner? What are mine as your web designer? Read this PDF to help with your expectations of our relationship as designer and client.
Read more on how to update your website generally (add events, change general content, add an image), and the most efficient way to send me your edits/updates (including a slightly humourous look at how they can take much longer than they should).

Client vs. Designer Responsibilities
Requesting Website Updates

Other Work

I currently offer Graphic Design (cards, banners, posters, flyers etc) including converting images and Word docs to PDFs for Manuals, Classes and Workshops to current website clients ONLY. I no longer do one-off graphic design work. I also offer TeamViewer Remote Access Support for any PC/Email issues I may be able to help you with. Pricing is listed in the documents below.

Graphic Design
All Work / Costs in One

"A friend recommended Neri to me since she has been using her services several years. Upon contacting Neri she understood that I was not an expert in the field and therefore had many doubts, concerns and questions. Neri immediately reassured me and explained that she would be with me each step of the way and that we would work things out together. This has been nothing but true.

Neri is extremely professional, she will always take into account any wishes or suggestions given, and if something doesn't work she won't just dismiss it but usually goes out of her way to either help in finding plenty of alternatives, or offer additional material to look at in order to narrow the choice. I had many good fun days in building my website, but also a few bad ones, where my creativity just wasn't there at all and I felt quite overwhelmed, not able to focus on the tasks ahead and wondering how I would ever get to the end... Neri always "picked me up" at the right moment and put me in a better place thanks to her reassurance and in depth knowledge.

The website is finished and I am extremely happy to see the results as it is exactly what I had hoped and wished for and therefore will recommend Neri to many others. Thank you beautiful Neri, your generosity, compassion, helpful nature and brilliant sense of humour has made all the difference in this journey!"
Katya - Fitness the Holistic Way

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