Central West Web, Graphic Design and Writing Services is committed to presenting you and your business online in a genuine, friendly and professional manner. I design websites for local businesses who are keen to contribute to their communities in a positive and sustainable way. Writing Services including website content, business documentation, editing, spelling and grammar checks. Web design, graphic design, hosting and online business strategies for individuals and businesses within the Central West region of NSW, including Cowra, Orange, Bathurst, Forbes, Parkes, Blayney, Dubbo, Young and Canowindra.

For investment, costs and new and current client information, please read through the information on the Terms and Conditions page here.

Thinking about your new website can be daunting. Some days you feel ready to launch yourself and your dream publicly, opening your very being to the welcome (or scrutiny) of others, other days - not so much. Here are some tips to help you work on your online launch, culminating in a beautiful website that represents both you, your team or community group and your business.

Consider more than technical skill when choosing a Web Designer. A broad understanding of business and particularly online business is often overlooked as a necessary skill. It's also wonderful, and rare, to find someone with the same passions and personal interests as you. Central West Web and Graphic Design covers all three. We have the technical skill to build you a compliant and beautiful website, a history of working with online business and a personal commitment to local and community business.

Understanding your personal and business goals is our first priority. Then, through the process of website planning and online mapping we can show you how your business can be securely embedded in the world wide web. However, we also practice good communication and a little intuition whilst we work for you, bringing a very human element to the process.

Most business owners intend to be involved in the process of designing their websites and contributing their business know how. However many end up handing the whole process over to an IT expert due to time constraints. A web designer who cannot address the business goals and processes fully, or who has no understanding of the local area and your competition, can negatively and sometimes permanently affect the success of the business. As a local business owner, who actually lives in the Central West area, I am here, on the ground, ready to fully understand your business challenges and concerns.

If you don't have all the boxes ticked, no matter, I can help you along and simplify the process, giving you the head space to focus on what you need to. One of the wonderful aspects of partnering with Central West Web and Graphic Design, is you get to do what you do best, and so do I.

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"I knew I needed a website, and had no idea where to start and who to call. I was recommended to Neri by a very dear and fastidious friend, who also found Neri by recommendation. After a few emails Neri managed to turn the idea that I had visualised in my head into a reality, not just a website but her creative talents captured the essence of myself and my business.

I was comforted knowing Neri had the knowledge and experience in this field and I wouldn't need to explain terms or images I wanted as she already knew and could suggest more or where to find what I needed.

Neri turned my one little idea into a reality and where I had limited knowledge of the whole web building world, she designed a website and a blog perfect for me. Living in such an IT based society at the moment, I knew it was important that my website reflected who I was and was easy to access, to read and be visually attractive.

Her attention to detail was meticulous as was her great customer service and support. I would highly recommend to everyone who is wanting to design or redesign their website.
Much love and gratitude."

Maya Giampa

Domains and Hosting

The purchase of a Domain Name and Website Hosting are separate items. The Domain Name is the name of your website, which you register (not 'buy') for 1 (.com) or 2 (.com.au) years at a time. Sometimes longer is offered. More on .com.au Domain Name Extensions here. Website Hosting is renting the space online where your website will live. One does not include the other although some hosting companies have packages which include both. There are rules regarding your Domain Name being exactly or closely related to your business. You need an ABN to register a .com.au Domain Name. When choosing your Domain Name, try to use keywords which clearly describe your website focus. For example, if you are a physiotherapist, use the word physiotherapist if you can. Google will use the Domain Name to help define your business. It may be appropriate to use your actual business name in some cases, please talk to me about this if you are undecided on which way to go. More on Choosing Domain Names here.

- Domain Name - Purchase your domain name from a reputable company. At this stage I only recommend crucial.com.au in Sydney. I have not yet found consistent favourable reviews for any others. If you get someone to register a domain name on your behalf, make sure they put the account in YOUR NAME and you get the LOGIN details. I have had to help many clients wrestle their account login details back from unprofessional web designers or 'friends', once the client has indicated they want to move their web design to me.

- Website Hosting - I host with crucial.com.au in Sydney. Probably the most professional and technologically advanced hosting group in Australia. My clients prefer me to manage their websites, upgrade and update on their behalf. They can then concentrate on all the other aspects of their business. As everyone is on the same server space, I am unable to allow third party access as it presents a security risk, however sites are backed up weekly, and are available for download to your own PC if you would like to keep updated copies for yourself.

Website Goals

  • Clear, concise overview of the purpose for you and your visitors
  • What do you want them to experience and take action on, once visiting your site.

Website Audience

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Internet Experience
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality
  • Demographics

Website Inclusions

See current Website Design Inclusions here.

Website Completion Time

  • Completion from the time of your enquiry, depends on how many other websites I am working on at the time, generally around four to six and some graphic design projects as well
  • From start time, with content and graphics completed and good communication, a site can launch within 3-4 weeks
  • For Website Redesigns, please see information here.
  • New Layout and Graphic Design tends to take the longest. Once completed, content can be added page by page fairly easily, so if you have your design, colour, style worked out we can start before you have any content written
  • Please see more details Information and Terms for New Clients here.

What Do I Have Ready?

  • Logo/Banner: You may have nothing at all, just ideas, or something pre-designed which may need adjusting for online/screen application
  • Content (text, images, videos etc)
  • Visual aspects, colour, design, layout, font styles etc
  • Find some websites you like or dislike, do certain colours resonate with your passion and work? Images such as trees, landscapes, industrial?
  • Please Note: You do not need everything to be perfect before you send it to me, things whould always be changing on a healthy website and sometimes it needs to be seen on screen to know what to do next. Let's get started with what you do have, and the rest will flow.

Writing Web Page Content

  • 400-600 words for each page, one topic only, or closely related sub-topics
  • 3-4 main keywords or phrases, use synonyms if possible
  • WRITE FOR YOUR AUDIENCE, not what you think Google might like to read. Do not overuse the same words so it sounds like a sales pitch. Google has evolved tremendously, and can discern between well written grammar, good sentence structure, and a jumble of words to try and get Google’s attention
  • Pick your topic, keep your keywords related to that topic in mind, and then think about your visitors as you write from the heart
  • Google currently DOES NOT use the keyword tag when indexing and ranking your page in search results. Well written content is extremely important
  • More on writing your Content here.

Post Launch

  • Once the website is ready to be revealed, there are a few housekeeping jobs for me
  • The website is added to, and verified with, Google. I open a Google Account and also add Google Analytics code to every website page
  • I clean up all the code, and make sure it is validated with the World Wide Web Consortium's Validator
  • I remove any test pages and images from the server, so nothing is hosted which is not being used
  • Optimisation involves adding key words and phrases to the meta data of each page and making sure your content is optimised for both humans and robots (Google currently does NOT use keyword tag information when indexing and ranking pages - however I still fill these in, as Google can change their mind on this at any time)
  • All images will have descriptive 'alt' tags for the Search Engines to rank the images, and this tag also shows up as content if the image doesn't load in a Browser
  • I check the Bandwidth usage. It can be difficult to judge how much server space a site will use every month, it depends on the type of content and visitor numbers
  • I add you to my list of launched websites and hope to hear that your visitors love the site and your business is successful
  • Eventually we talk about further updates and changes as your journey evolves
  • I offer Work Schedules to help clients keep in touch and make sure websites stay up to date in every way, see details here

SEO and Optimisation

I offer Work Schedules to help clients keep in touch and make sure websites stay up to date in every way, particularly with regard to optimisation. See details here. Website page optimisation is the work done on an individual web page, so Search Engines know what the particular web page is about. When someone types a certain phrase into a search bar, they expect to see what they are looking for in the Search Results. Optimisation makes sure your site pages appear logically in Search Engine results. Optimisation involves the visiable content on the page and the hidden code - more here.

To find out more, please email here.

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